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Thermal Zone


Improve Your Well-Being & Detoxify

The feeling of energy and health enables a full life and enjoyment of every daily activity. Intoxication and chronic problems often affect not only the physical, but also the emotional and mental state of people. Without realizing it we naturally begin to limit ourselves from many activities and situations due to chronic discomfort.

Beautiful laughing girls relax after spa therapy.

The professionals at Lighthouse Golf & Spa concentrate their efforts in accurate expertise of the condition and needs of the clients, having a beneficial impact in our dedicated thermal zone. Health is a way of life that comes with awareness and improvement.

Enjoy the exceptional large choice of facilities at Lighthouse Spa Center, Bulgaria.

The Spa & Wellness Center which stretches on an area of over 3000 sq.m provides:

Modern digital steam bath with mosaic tiles

Steam bath

А room that is filled with hot steam for the purpose of cleaning and refreshing the body and for relaxation.

Turkish Bath /Hammam/

А room with an authentic atmosphere where you can relax on the warm marble beds,feeling the humidity in the air in order to remove the tension and to attain a high potential for your muscles.


a relaxing dry heat treatment room or sauna which lets the body heat up slowly and gently. The room is cooler than a traditional Finnish sauna

High angle view of smiling woman relaxing in sauna with her eyes closed.

Infra-Red Sauna

This is a dry cabin in which the body is heated not through the ambient temperature of the room, but via wavelength beams, which come from the infrared spectrum. The infrared beams heat only the body, without heating the ambient air in the cabin, at a depth from 2 to 4 cm. This is an alternative to the traditional sauna, known to put less pressure on the heart and body. The infrared sauna also helps to break down fat deposits in cellulite formations. It is especially beneficial for people suffering from asthma and skin allergies, helping the body to get rid of toxins, slag and other harmful substances.

Finnish Sauna

a dry bath where the air humidity is low and the air temperature is from 95°C tо 110°C. The alternating hot and cold cycles, as well as the periods of rest are characteristic of the classical sauna process and lead to improved blood circulation and a stronger immune system.

Cooling/Adventure shower & Ice bucket


Cropped shot of a woman in a day spa relaxing on a massage table.

Relax Area

All these treatment rooms are designed to please your senses as well as make you feel relaxed and well suited.

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